Sorry about the lack of updates, folks. As you can see, we’ve been busy…and are exhausted…

Collage courtesy of my dad – Romy’s PapPap.  Thanks, Dad! ♥

We joyfully announce the birth of our daughter, Romy Ruth Murphy Petchel.

Romy arrived on Saturday, November 21st, at 6:35 AM. She weighed just over 8 pounds and was just under 22 inches long.

Both mom and baby are doing great! We’re looking forward to falling in love with her more every day and to introducing you all to our wonderful daughter!  Will blog more later – there’s a beautiful snuggly baby in our house, and we must go adore her…

It’s just up ahead, folks.  Can you see it – there in the distance?  Maybe if you squint a little?  It’s the finish line – a.k.a. the end of this pregnancy and the beginning of all things babyhood and parenthood.  Yow-zuh!  If only I could run, maybe we’d get there a bit faster.  

Being 9 months pregnant is a completely unique experience.  I can’t imagine anything quite like having a full-sized human being lodging in one’s body – just hanging out, waiting for the right time to make her appearance.  Trying to label this unique discomfort is really futile – the best I can do is to say that, much of the time, it feels quite possible that at any minute, the baby is going to explode out the front of my stomach, Alien-style.  Those in the know tell me this can’t possibly happen.  My belly skin and I are not so sure.

Discomfort aside, though, I’m wavering between impatience and urges to do all I can to enjoy these last few days.  I simply can’t wait to meet our daughter – to look into her eyes, to feel her soft baby skin, to see her cuddled up on her daddy’s chest.  To think that these things will be a regular part of our life any day now is just too big of an idea for me to fully wrap my head around.  We are so lucky.

Since I haven’t done one of these in a while, and may not get to ever again, here are some updates for you all.

First, a look at our…..dum dum dum… fruit comparison.  It’s the one we’ve all been waiting for…

Seems silly, doesn't it?  I think at this point, the baby is the size of

It's the watermelon! Kind of silly, really, because the baby is the size of!

Weekly Pregnancy Highlights

How far along?  As I type this, 39 weeks, 4 days.

Body Changes?  Will it ever be the same?  Is the old me still in here?  Time will tell…

New for the Baby This Week:  She is refining all of the skills she’ll need once she’s on the outside – breathing, sucking, blinking.  She’s also sloughing off old layers of skin and new skin is forming underneath. 

 Sleep:  Tee hee hee.  If only I could laugh about it, that’s perhaps what it would sound like.  Also – a fabulously attractive new development – I snore.  Good times. 

Best moment this week:  My LAST DAY OF WORK before maternity leave was this past Friday.  I am thrilled that I made it to the end, and am SO glad to be done for a while so that I can focus on enjoying these last few days of pregnancy and getting ready for my baby.  See you in March, Puget Sound Blood Center!

Funniest moment this week:  It’s hard to say – we’ve been laughing a lot together.  I’ve been cracking myself up with a bevy of “Megan has turned into a walrus” comments.  I’m feeling like someone of walrus-like proportions anymore, so it’s fitting.

Food Cravings:  Not cravings, so much, but I’ve been consistently awake at 4 a.m. the past several days, absolutely starving!  I’m too lazy to get out of bed and do anything about it, which means that, by breakfast time, I’m beyond starving.

What I miss:  Moving around without my pelvis bones hurting me.  I watch other people walking, getting up and down without grunting, stuff like that, and am simply jealous. 

Symptoms:  I have more energy now than in the past several weeks, which feels great!  Kind of an anti-symptom.

What I am looking forward to:  Do I really need to tell you?  If I try to type even some of the things I’m most looking forward to, I’ll start blubbery crying all over my keyboard.  There’s just so much…

Milestones:  We did a shopping trip this weekend to get some last-minute things from our baby registry (breastfeeding support pillow, extra bassinet sheets, things like that), so we are now feeling very prepared, baby-gear wise.  The Pack ‘n Play and swing are assembled in our living room, and the car seat and stroller are in the car.  Birth bag is packed.  We are READY!

Tom says:  There were 72 steps in the directions to assemble the Pack ‘n Play.  Seventy two.  I thought I was nearly done, and was only on step 38.  I hope the manual that comes with the baby is easier to read this one.

Here’s our most recent belly shot – taken on 11/11.  Behold the largeness.

Hope to be bringing you baby news soon!  In the interest of full disclosure, though, first babies are born an average of 5 days past their “due dates” – we could be waiting a while.  Send us your good thoughts and any extra patience you have – we could use both!


Megan, Tom & BabyP

And it looks like this:

Oct 09 445

A look from the doorway

Oct 09 431

Her crib a shot of the peacock wall decal - the first thing we picked out for her room. Shall we call it our "inspiration piece"? I think we shall.

Oct 09 441

Bookshelf and toy basket

Oct 09 427

Shelves to the right of the window. Books from Aunt Joanne, picture frame from Aunt Ruthie Lou, crocheted insence ball hanging on shelf from Corey, and the angel was my Nan's (from Aunt Vicki).

Oct 09 448

Shelf to the left of the window. Cuckoo clock doesn't work, but we're going to set it to the time of her birth. Booties from Alicia and Nick's trip to Portugal, a photo of my mom and me (she's pregnant with James in it!), and a lucky jade plant. Family: I can't remember the story of the mom and baby figurine at top left - someone please remind me!

Oct 09 447

Tom made this mobile for me when we were first dating.

Oct 09 439

Her very organized closet - right side - proof that there is room to grow clothes-wise. Check out the cute pear night light on the bottom right.

Oct 09 438

Her very organized closet - left side.

Oct 09 428

Found these sweet little shelves at an estate sale. The dress was mine (thanks, Aunt Joanne!). Apothocary jars hold her hair accessories.

We hope you like it – and, even more, that she does once she arrives! 


Megan, Tom & BabyP

Halloween 2009 028

Oh, yes we did.


Halloween 2009 005

Halloween 2009 006

Halloween 2009 010


Halloween 2009 020

P.S. Can you believe that tomorrow starts the month during which our baby will be born?  Crazy….

There are many little nuances to the world of overzealous, crazy pregnant ladies that you really can’t grasp until you immerse yourself in said world.  (Or shall we say, the Overzealous Pregnant Lady Community?  Yes, for Alicia’s satisfaction, we shall…)  One such nuance is that of the 35/35 – on the day you are 35 weeks pregnant, you also have 35 days left remaining until your due date.  Get it?  Yeah…not so clever, really, except if you’re enveloped in the count-down phase like I am right now.  So, 35/35 it is!  Let’s celebrate!

We had a full week of baby classes galore.  Enrolling in all these classes sounded like a great idea when I was newly pregnant and really wanted to be doing something – anything – to feel more pregnant.  Classes?  Sure – how about a dozen or so?  One can’t be too prepared, right?  Right, except for when one is simply too exhausted to participate.  Ugh.  Seriously, though, the classes were really helpful – a breastfeeding class (I feel MUCH more informed, and MUCH more ready), our weekly childbirth class (it was “labor simulation” week – full of pain relief techniques and the requisite “squeeze ice cubes to simulate pain” exercise), and a FIVE hour “Day About Baby” class (we both learned lots, but let’s see how long we retain that knowledge once the little one is here).  By now I’m sure we’ve earned our certificates in Parenthood Preparation.  We’d like our baby soon, please.  Thank you.

Here’s a glimpse at some other highlights of the week….

The baby-to-mommy ratio has progressed thusly:

Week 35 sketch

Yikes. That's a person-sized person in there.

Weekly Pregnancy Highlights

How far along?  35 weeks

Body Changes?  Hello, sciatic nerve.  Damn you, sciatic nerve. 

New for the Baby This Week:  Her kidneys are fully developed, and her liver is beginning to take on some function.  She’s still focused on fattening up before her debut.  Somewhere just over 5 lbs. now.

 Sleep:  Seems silly to even include this nowadays – just reminds me that I should be sleeping, and am not.  Alas.

Best moment this week:  Not freaking out about the enormity of it all during any of our baby classes.  This whole newborn thing actually seems do-able.  (Don’t say anything to burst my bubble about this, please.  I’d like to remain naive.)

Funniest moment this week:  Did you know that peanut M&Ms make a great stand-in for poop during a baby diapering class?  I know that M&Ms and baby poo don’t really resemble each other at all, but you’ll go to great lengths to provide comic relief during a five-hour baby class.  Maybe you had to be there – just trust me.  

Food Cravings:  Salami.  Gloria – does this count as my required liverwurst craving?  I don’t think I’ll ever crave liverwurst, but goodness, is salami ever good right about now!

What I miss:  Free weekends.  We’ve been packing in the preparing, and I’d like a weekend to just sit on my rump or take a day trip drive, or something like that.  According to the calendar, we have 1 more chance for such a weekend before the due date – let’s see if that happens.

Symptoms:  I’ll spare you from any more ramblings about my terrible sciatic pain that I’ve been battling the past few days.  From what I’ve read, it’s caused by the baby sitting on a nerve wrong.  She must have moved or something last night, because I woke up around 4 am feeling distinctly better.  Not 100%, but better!

What I am looking forward to:  Super excited about my baby shower this weekend, and another one coming up at work next week.  The idea of it is still a bit surreal to me.  I like to throw baby showers, and attend them, and eat their cake and play their games.  Now these are…for me….???  Wow!

Milestones:  Baby’s room is all but done, and I’ve actually done her laundry already.  (Thanks to Madeline for convincing me it’s not too early to get this task out of the way!)  There are clothes in her drawers, people.  For real!  I also ordered some diapers from yesterday.  Can you hear the glorious sound of things being crossed off the list?

Tom says:  I will hesitantly admit that I found myself crying during a car insurance commercial the other day – the one where the dad sees the little girl asking for the car keys, but it’s really his almost-grown up daughter.  Sniff… 

And, to round out the week, here’s a picture of the growing bump.  Can you believe it’ll get bigger than this?  And, can you believe my belly button hasn’t popped out all the way yet?  Do you think it will?

Oct 09 003

Oct 09 004

With lots of love,

Megan, Tom & BabyP

P.S. Crystal asked last week about the baby’s name.  We have a few top contenders, but aren’t deciding for sure until we meet her.  Until then, we’re keeping mum.  We love you all, but want to keep opinions about our baby’s name out of the mix.  You understand, right? 

 In the interest keeping a lid on the internet-debut of our baby’s room until our baby shower* this weekend, while at the same time staving off the curiosity of our friends & family who want to see all that we’ve been working on, some sneak peeks…

Sneak peek (2)

Sneak peek (4)

Sneak peek (9)

Sneak peek (7)

Sneak peek (5)

Sneak peek (13)

More to come soon!


Megan, Tom & BabyP

*Seriously, how excited am I about our baby shower?  SO looking forward to seeing everyone – hopefully I won’t cry and blubber through the whole thing.  Feeling really lucky these days….love to you all!

And, time continues to march along.  We are indeed getting into the home stretch!

I spent Sunday morning making lists – 6 to be exact – with stimulating titles including “Postpartum Needs”, “Pack in Birth Center Bag” and the all encompassing “Before Birth To-Dos”.  Yikes – the To Dos.  It’s quite a To-Do. 

Now that we’ve reached Weeks 33 & 34, Baby Girl Petchel is roughly the size of a Honeydew Melon, although much sweeter.  (Funny that during my week of list-compiling and recompiling, my daughter is a “Honey-do” of her own.   Here, take a peek:

Really, more of a Mama-do and Daddy-do...

Really, more of a Mama-do and Daddy-do...

Here are our updates for the week:

Weekly Pregnancy Highlights

How far along?  33 & 34 weeks.  Otherwise known as 8 months pregnant.  Otherwise known as holy crap.

Body Changes?  My belly is bordering on enormous at this point, but I hesitate to call it that, since I know it’ll only grow more in the next 6 weeks or so. 

New for the Baby This Week:  Her eyes are able to blink and dilate in response to light shining through my stretched-out skin.  She weighs somewhere in the neighborhood of five pounds now (that’s like a real baby!!!), and her lungs are well-developed now. 

 Sleep:  Huh?  Sleep?  I vaguely remember that as a part of my life.  No other comments will be made, for fear of bitching too much.

Best moment this week:  Hearing the wonderful news from my dear friend Carol that she and her husband are expecting their first baby at the end of April.  The best news ever! 

Funniest moment this week:   I imagine that watching me haul my humongous self in and out of the car is pretty funny, to those able to observe.  For me, not so much.  We did buy a video camera this past week, but, no, you will not be seeing this on video.  Suffice it to say there’s frequently grunting involved. 

Food Cravings:  Must not buy Halloween candy yet….still too many weeks away…will eat it all…..must not buy…..oh, hey – Twix is on sale!

What I miss:  My morning coffee, now that it’s dark and getting gloomy in the mornings.  I may phase it back in, if I decide to phase out my requisite daily Diet Coke.  Don’t want to give this kid caffeine overload.

Symptoms:  Holy moley tiredness, achy pelvis and back, blah, blah, blah…

What I am looking forward to:  We did a LOT of work in the baby’s room this past weekend, and I am looking forward to posting some pictures soon for all of you!  It really looks great so far, if I do say so myself. 

Milestones:  Birth classes are half over!  We have our breastfeeding class on Wednesday this week, and a five hour (!?!) “Day About Baby” class on Saturday.  Let’s hope we pass the test.

Tom says:  Wait, did you say that class on Saturday is five hours long?  Seriously?  Also, I am very skilled at hanging shelves, but learned not to rely on the Level on my iPhone for guidance in such a task.

That’s the scoop.  I’ll post an updated photo of me in a few days.  Our camera card reader on our computer is busted, and is on the “to be fixed” list (yes, that’s another one that really exists!).  In the meantime, just picture me with a really, really enormous belly.  Baby room pictures are coming soon, too!  I’ve also updated our links at right to include our doula’s website, in case you’d like to learn more about her.  (She’s fabulous!)

Thanks for reading, and for your support and good wishes! 

Megan, Tom & BabyP

The modern gal’s time killer?  Why it’s mindless web surfing, of course! 

And, since I have nothing but free time these days (ha!), here are a few of the best baby-related websites I’ve discovered and proceeded to waste untold hours on.  Click on the website names for links.

Spearmint Baby – Mostly for nursery ideas.  This woman’s got fabulous taste and great ideas.  I have secret dreams of having our nursery pictures posted on here one day.  For non-baby style ideas – the sister site – Spearmint Decor – is worth a look, too.

Seattle Moms Deal Finder – Okay, this one’s biased for the locals, but also has great internet bargains listed all the time.  Just today, I snagged myself a subscription to InStyle magazine for $5!  (Because, you know, I”m so stylish.)

Zero to Forty Pregnancy Countdown by Amalah– Hands-down my favorite pregnancy timeline site – by my favorite blogger.  The timeline site is just what I’ve wanted to read – the truth!  And, Amalah’s blog is funny, poignant and real.  I could kill hours reading and rereading her archives.  (Okay, I have killed hours doing this.)

The Bump – It’s busy, it’s crowded, it’s full of overzealous pregnant ladies who think their way is the only way, but I love it nonetheless.  It’s also the source of my pregnancy vs. produce comparisons – reason alone to adore it.

Esty– A crafters’ marketplace, with some of the cutest baby things I’ve ever seen.  TONS of non-baby related stuff, too.  Seriously, if you’re looking for a gift – or a gift for yourself, because you deserve it – you need to hop over to Etsy. 

Ask Dr. Sears – Where I head to ponder over any baby-care related ponderables that come into my mind.  I’ve learned to skip the web search for random worries, and head here.  Really annoying ads to wade through, but the info is worth it.

Happy web surfing!  Now, moms out there – what are some of YOUR favorites?  Please share – because the one thing we all have in common is extra time for internet nonsense, right?

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